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He was born and raised in Queens, NY to an Argentinean mother and a Puerto Rican father.  Sadly, as luck would have it, he plays soccer like a Puerto Rican and baseball like an Argentine.


Since it was obvious from an early age that he was not destined to be a sports pro, he dedicated himself to collect degrees: B.S. - Mechanical Engineering (Columbia University), M.S. - Mechanical Engineering (The Georgia Institute of Technology), MBA (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management).


Unfortunately, collecting degrees turned into quite an expensive hobby, so in 2011 he joined HubSpot and tried his hand at sales... and that is when things got interesting.


Since 2012 he has been spearheading HubSpot's expansion into Latin America and Brazil.  Originally a one-man effort for two years, he became Team Leader in 2014 when they added two account managers and one business development representative. In 2015 he was formally promoted to Sales Manager and commenced growing out the Latin America & Brazil teams.  His primary focus at the moment is to continue to develop HubSpot's go-to-market strategy their core markets.  Execution consists of both channel sales and direct sales, and he directly manages four teams:

 - Spanish LatAm Direct Sales

 - Spanish LatAm Partner Channel Sales

 - Brazil Direct Sales

 - Brazil Partner Channel Sales

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