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Founder, Muzi/US

Managing Director, Chief Growth Officer and Partner, Wolox

Heritage: Argentine

Age: 27


Notable Accomplishments:

●2017 MIT Innovator Under 35 in Latin America

●2017 Recipient of The Coaching Fellowship

●2016 Google Scholarship for Singularity University


By Alejandro Ramirez


Agustina Fainguersch has always been drawn towards technology that could have a global impact. That’s partly what led her to co-found Muzi, a company and eponymous app that helps clients with private, affordable health diagnostics, especially in developing countries.


“Rather than taking the patient to the clinic, it takes the clinic to the patient,” said Fainguersch, 27. Medical professionals meet with patients, administer rapid diagnostic tests, collect a small blood sample, and take a picture of the results with the app, which analyzes everything.


It brings together health records, epidemiology, geo-tagging, and even economic behavior predictions to update its own medical knowledge. The service also helps its users accommodate issues like privacy, social stigma, disability, and accessibility. At the moment, it focuses on HIV/AIDS, but will expand to more diseases in the future.


Fainguersch, who hails from Argentina, co-founded the company while attending Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think tank and business incubator, on a Google scholarship in 2016. Muzi is currently wrapping up its first trial and preparing for the next one.

“Since I started studying technology, I’ve always been interested in helping in both the health and education industries,” she said.


She’s always been adept at technology and found that partnering with experts in the health field was the perfect way to further her goals. Muzi, for example, brings together a diverse team of tech developers and scientists–her cofounder is a molecular biologist.


She also embraces Singularity’s ambitious objective of impacting 1 billion people within 10 years.


She certainly has the momentum needed to reach her goals: MIT selected her as a 2017 Innovator Under 35 for her work on Muzi.


Fainguersch is also the U.S. managing director, chief growth officer and partner for Wolox, a Buenos Aires-based company that helps companies, from a wide range of industries, develop innovative technology and software to meet their goals.


Fainguersch helped expand Wolox to San Francisco, where she currently resides, and will soon expand it to Boston. She’s excited to move back to Boston – growing up, Fainguersch split her time between Buenos Aires and Boston while her father pursued a degree at Babson College.


“I believe Boston will be the next milestone for Wollox because of the high quality of people there,” she said.

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