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President, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Boston Chapter

Heritage: Puerto Rican

Age: 30


By: Tim Estiloz


Axel Vigo already enjoys great success in the field of computer engineering having worked for a variety of leading companies in his industry. However, Vigo is not content to rest on those professional laurels; instead, devoting a significant amount of his time and effort to uplift, encourage and mentor many others to achieve equal or greater success in the engineering field.


“I’ve been volunteering with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers for a couple of years now,” said Vigo. “I became it’s President in 2015.”


A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Vigo initially came to Boston to accept a position with Cisco Systems and he now runs his own IT consulting business, AXL Consulting. However, his passion is also working with underprivileged students at Boston inner city middle schools to inspire Latinos to not only set high goals, but also have the desire and education to achieve them.


“Our goal is to enable younger Latinos to gain interest in engineering, math and sciences,” said Vigo. “We want to encourage them to remain in school and eventually go to college. Often, many young people don’t have any role models that have experienced what we have as engineering professionals, nor any clear path on how to become an engineer. So we try to spark interest and motivate them.”


Vigo’s personal ambition is to become a community leader to lift up others to gain the same level of success that he has achieved thus far. “I just feel the need to help people reach their goals and their highest potential and to help them carve out a path forward,” he said.


“It feels amazing to be part of the El Mundo Boston Latino 30 Under 30,” said Vigo. “It feels like all the sleepless nights, all the work that I’ve put in with all my colleagues… the honor lets us know that we are being successful at what we are trying to do and making an impact”.


Vigo said living Boston has truly changed him in many ways. “Coming from Puerto Rico, the diversity that is in Boston has kind of changed the way that I do everything,” said Vigo. “The city has so many people from diverse backgrounds and opinions. Being exposed to that diversity has changed the way I do things and think about things in many ways.”

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