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CEO and Co-Founder, Food for All

Age: 29

Heritage: Mexican


Notable Accomplishments:


David Rodriguez is the CEO & co-founder of Food for All, a startup with the mission of reducing food waste by allowing users to buy unsold meals from restaurants at a deep discount.


He is an Industrial and Systems Engineer with a Global MBA degree and has more than six years of work experience at multinational companies.


David founded Food for All in 2016 with the goal of making quality food accessible to all, by stopping perfectly good food from being wasted.


Food for All strives to address the 10 billion pounds per year that are thrown away by restaurants with pre-prepared food in the United States.


The app allows users to buy unsold food from restaurants for at least 50% off. Pickup time is within the restaurants working hours.  It’s an easy way for users and restaurants to save money, food and the environment all at once.


Since its launch, Food for All raised $50,000 through a Kickstarter campaign that put it on on the national map having been featured on outlets such as the Huffington Post, Fortune, New York Magazine and more.  To date it has secured over 15,000 subscriptions.

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