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LatAm Sales Manager, Hubspot

Heritage: Colombian

Age: 25


Past Accomplishments:                                             

  • Fastest person ever at Hubspot to go from entry level sales position to manager

  • Number one sales rep in the Americas at Hubspot


By: Tim Estiloz         


David Torres is a prime example of how pure hard work and determination can create groundbreaking opportunity. As the Latin America Sales Manager at HubSpot he holds the distinction of being the fastest ever employee at the company to go from an entry level position to sales manager in only three years. Ordinarily, such advancement would take an individual five to six years.


“My motivation to excel at my job comes from my Mom,” said Torres. “She sacrificed everything for me. If she was able to put me through school and provide a nurturing home environment while being a single parent and put food on the table… how could I not work hard?”


Torres’ work ethic and skills have distinguished him as being the company’s number one sales rep in the Americas and third globally. Born in Bogota, Colombia, Torres came to the U.S., first to New Jersey, then to Boston to attend Boston University. After graduation, Torres accepted an entry level position at HubSpot where they would train him with the skills needed to excel within the company. From all accounts, Torres is poised for even greater career success bolstered by hard work.


“I’m very proud and honored to be where I am now,” said Torres, “and on the other hand, I’m terrified because I recognize the challenge ahead; but I’m happy to embrace that challenge. I can’t rest on my laurels. I feel I always have to work to get better and look to improve.”


Torres sees his being selected as one of the El Mundo Boston Latino 30 Under 30 as a great motivator to strive for even greater personal and professional success.


“I really do feel honored,” said Torres. “I won’t call it a pressure, but it’s like a positive driver. It’s nice to feel like you’re going to have a positive impact; but it’s also a little chip of responsibility that we as Latinos in general leave a solid footprint no matter where we are.  I feel that footprint has to be a positive one. I feel humbled and don’t want to let anyone down… ever.”

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