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Tech Entrepreneur and VP Engineering, LendBuzz

Heritage: Salvadoran

Age: 26


By: Tim Estiloz


Frank Pinto is the first generation son of Salvadoran immigrants.  He is a young man who has learned much from his parents’ sacrifice to carve out a successful career, not only for his family, but also, to give back to his community. Currently, Pinto is the VP of Engineering for LendBuzz, an innovative online firm that offers car loans to expats and international students. However, at 22, Pinto was also establishing himself as an entrepreneur by co-founding the Ayalo company in Guatemala to create employment opportunities for its people there.


“It felt amazing to be able to spread the wealth of knowledge,” said Pinto,”and to know that I left that place and there are a group of people that are on a different level because I was there; that something entrepreneurial, something technical can be done from Guatemala and it can have a positive effect on the world.”


It’s that spirit to give back to a community, to individuals and most importantly, to his family that defines Pinto’s character.


“A huge motivator for me is the happiness of others,” said Pinto, “and an equally important part is making my community proud.”


Pinto is a graduate of the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, MA and Columbia University where he majored in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. He looks for ways to mentor and serve as a role model by demonstrating that hard work and determination can help advance one’s self and create new opportunities for others.


“In every kind of role I've taken over the past five years, I’ve been a mentor or leader to several people,” said Pinto,”and it’s something that I actively seek. The ability to teach, the ability to interact.”


Pinto said he’s humbled to be part of the inaugural El Mundo Boston Latino 30 Under 30 group. For him, the honor was truly unexpected.


“It feels amazing to be recognized for work that I would consider non-traditional,” said Pinto. “I felt really ecstatic to be honest because I’m not a person who focuses a lot of time and effort on manicuring my public persona, so the fact that someone thought of me and they were impressed, that made me very happy… because of the kind of work that I do, I don’t get publicly recognized.”


Pinto tries to live by each day abiding by his high school alma mater’s motto, which is “Not for self.”


“To me it means… everything you do, there are effects on other people,” said Pinto. “Nothing that you do is exclusively for yourself. And there are ways to do everything that you do… the way you go through your day that leaves positive energy on other people. And live your life - not for self.”

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