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Co-Founder, Love Your Magic Conference

Manager of Teacher Leadership and Development, Teach for America

Age: 26

Heritage: Dominican


Ivanna Solano was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States when she was seven years old. She graduated from American University, where she majored in Justice and Law.


Due to her upbringing and cultural context, she identifies as an advocate for social justice. Because of her deep love of learning, she chose teaching as her platform for social justice work, which led her to Teach for America Massachusetts where she is currently a Manager in Teacher Leadership Development supporting new teachers in improving their practice and leadership skills.


Ivanna began her journey in education at UP Academy Holland as a kindergarten and third grade teacher. During her time at UP Academy Holland, she designed and co-led professional development sessions on culturally responsive teaching. Additionally, she designed and implemented a social justice curriculum that gave her scholars an opportunity to explore their identity and empowered them to become social justice leaders and global citizens.


As an educator, Ivanna realized the many ways in which the education system criminalized Black and Latina girls at school, so she decided to take action. She co-founded the Love Your Magic Conference with the mission to educate and empower young Black and Latina girls to practice self-advocacy, self-love and sisterhood. The Love Your Magic Conference is a space for Black and Brown girls to tell their stories, celebrate each other and bask in their magic.


Ivanna understands the power of representation in education. Ivanna hopes to continue to empower young girls through the Love Your Magic Conference. In the words of Michelle Obama, “The future of our world is only as bright as the future of our girls."


She hopes that the Love Your Magic Conference will continue to empower our girls in order to uplift our communities.

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