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Founder/Conducter, Unitas Ensemble

Heritage: Colombian

Age: 30


Past Recognitions:

  • Bruno Walter Scholarship (Conductors Guild)


By: Tim Estiloz


Lina Marcela Gonzalez-Granados has brought her gift of music to Boston in amazing ways via her impressive skills as the founder and orchestra conductor for Unitas Ensemble.


A native of Cali, Colombia, Lina left for Bogota at age 18 to pursue her music career. After graduating from from Juan N. Corpas University in Bogota with honors in both orchestral conducting and piano in 2009 Lina eventually made her way to New York, before relocating to Boston to further pursue her studies in music and conducting.


Since her conducting debut in 2008, Lina has performed with various orchestras throughout the Boston area as well as in Mexico, Guatemala and New York.


“It’s a huge shot of adrenaline when you’re conducting live,” said Lina. “At first you feel nervous but then when you start making music, the feeling is an immense amount of joy and excitement.”


In 2014, Lina graduated with her Masters in Conducting from New England Conservatory which included multiple concert engagements in NEC’s Jordan Hall. She has also completed studies at the world famous Julliard School and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Orchestral Studies at Boston University.


“I love music,” said Lina. “I think that it’s the highest manifestation of art that’s possible. You can make people think without speaking and you can make feel by simply moving and playing  instruments and blowing air through them… you can make this magic happen. In that sense, it is one of the most mysterious yet more marvelous examples of art.”


Lina has embraced Boston with an inner sense of dual citizenship. “I’m definitely a better, different person because of Boston”, said Lina. “I consider myself not only Colombian; but also, a Bostonian. This city has helped me to learn resilience and taught me to be stronger. Boston has always welcomed me.”


“I feel humbled and honored to be part of the 30 Under 30”, Lina added. “It’s amazing to be part of a group of people who are sharing the same ideals as me to do an infinite amount of things as Latinos.”

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