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Community Activist

Age: 21

Heritage: Puerto Rican 


Notable Accomplishments:

  • Festival Puertorriqueño de Massachusetts Inc. – Leadership Excellence Award.

  • RegiJames Productions – Youth Advocate Award.

  • Northeastern University –Torch Scholarship.

  • Teen Empowerment –Evan Gilmore Youth Activist Award.


Malachi Hernandez was born and raised in Uphams Corner, Dorchester, however his family ties are rooted to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. He is the second oldest of five boys to a single hard working mother.


The process of him getting to where he is today was not easy. After various adversities which include living a life of poverty, losing friends to senseless youth violence, and being a victim to sexual assault, Malachi hoped for a better world and funneled this energy into social justice work. 


Everyday Malachi aims to make a difference by correcting the injustices and serving as a voice for the voiceless. It was through opportunities such as being mentored by President Barack Obama and speaking on CNN that aided to his personal and professional development. He has also been inspired by his mother and grandmother who too have faced several challenges yet have always persevered. These role models have always reminded him growing up “God has a plan for you. Trust in him and you will see.” Since then, he has realized that he can do whatever he sets his mind to and is equipped to take on whatever the world has to offer. 


By the age of 14, Malachi discovered his desire to publicly address issues affecting impoverished communities through grassroots organizing at The City School. Beginning at 16 years old, he worked tirelessly for three years, employing youth year-round across Boston at the City of Boston’s Department of Youth Engagement & Employment. After this, his eagerness to advance the needs of the community significantly grew. Since then, Malachi has worked in the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development issuing resources for businesses in the City of Boston, in addition to Prisoners Legal Services where he has provided free legal aid for those incarcerated within Massachusetts’ prisons and jails.


Today, Malachi is a Legislative Intern at the Massachusetts State House in the Office of Senator Nick Collins where he diligently provides assistance to those of the First Suffolk in Boston. He frequently researches issues within the district and strategizes means of improvement. In addition, he attends community meetings to understand constituent sentiments on projects/issues.  Through it all he is dedicated to serving the needs of his community and advocating for the city’s most pressing issues such as racism, housing, criminal justice reform and more. Malachi also serves as a Board Member to President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. In this role he advises the Executive Director and senior staff to optimize solutions for organizational success.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Communication Studies from Northeastern University, in May 2020 Malachi will be the first in his family to graduate college. After graduating he aims to take all of his talents and experiences into the private sector to learn more about entrepreneurship and business development. He hopes to one day acquire a JD/MBA so he can interpret the law for business and government, eventually gearing up for his political campaign and continuing to serve constituents as an elected official. 

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