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Co-Founder/CEO, Host Events, Inc.

Age: 27

Heritage: Bolivian 


Michelle grew up in a multicultural blended family. She was born in Tarija, Bolivia and was raised overseas her whole life. From a young age, Michelle was exposed to different languages, cultures, and customs and was deeply immersed in building meaningful connections and establishing her authentic self.

She graduated from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, double majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing management. In order to quickly pay off her student loans with an aggressive two-year timeline in mind, she maintained a full-time job in sales while bartending on nights and weekends in order to achieve her goal.

On a weekly basis, people requested Michelle’s services as a bartender for private events or special occasions with no formalized process or convenient way. She realized that a majority of the time people are in need of finding the perfect bartender to ensure the success of an event. Coupling her entrepreneurial mindset with her time behind the bar, the idea of Hostcame to life. At that point, Michelle knew Hostwould revolutionize the way this industry currently connects the double-sided marketplace. Hostnow serves over 300+ customers and grew 285% since last year with 75% growth rate in Q3.

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