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Co-Director, A True Christmas Project

Age: 30

Heritage:  Brazilian



  • A True Christmas Project (Natal De Verdade) – Organizer, 2009-Present
    Organize fundraiser with Family and Friends to buy and distribute Christmas presents to over 1,300 impoverished children that live in the shanty towns of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 

  • LogMeIn Mission Possible, Volunteer
    LogMeIn’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, Mission Possible, unlocks the potential of its people, products, and culture to create long-term, sustainable social and environmental impact that positively affects change in the world and improves people’s lives. 

  • Board Member - Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA) of Greater Lowell, Inc., 2014-2016
    Founded in 1984, The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Cambodian Americans and other minorities and economically disadvantaged persons in Lowell through educational, cultural, economic and social programs.

  • Mentor - Young Professional Leadership Program (YPL), 2014-2016 
    The YPL program aims to empower Khmer Young Professionals in the Lowell and Greater Lowell area with the tools, network, and support needed to achieve professional and personal growth at the start of their careers. 

  • College of the Holy Cross, Asian-American, Latino, African-American & Native America (ALANA) – Mentor, 2014-2017 
    Mentor Junior and Senior Alana students from the College of the Holy Cross.

  • City of Lowell Immigration Assistance Commission, 2015 
    Advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to the well-being of Lowell's diverse immigrant and refugee population.

As a Procurement Manager at LogMeIn, Inc. in Boston, Philippe Cândido leads the purchasing of technology goods and services on behalf of his company. Working in collaboration with senior stakeholders in TechOps, Finance, and Legal, Candido’s role is to negotiate the best possible deals on behalf of LogMeIn.

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Cândido moved to Lowell, MA with his family when he was 11 years old.  Growing up playing competitive soccer, Cândido earned a scholarship to play NCAA Division I soccer and study Economics and Latino Studies at the College of Holy Cross, in Worcester, MA. Cândido started in his profession thanks to his passion to work in business and to the guidance from his mentors.

Inspired by the Jesuit education teaching of being “Men and Women for Others,” Cândido is most proud of the fundraiser that he organizes every Christmas.  Presents are bought and distributed to over 1,300 impoverished children that live in the shanty towns of Belo Horizonte.  With nearly $30,000 raised over the past nine years, Cândido has led the efforts to gift over 10,000 soccer balls, dolls, among other toys to children that otherwise would not receive any Christmas presents.

A True Christmas Project was founded by his uncle, Heleno Dória, and is run by his family in Brazil.  Cândido is happy to be able to get his family and friends from the US involved in the fundraising efforts where 100% of contributions are used to purchase high-quality gifts, directly from here, for the impoverished children of his hometown in Brazil.

Cândido credits his parents, Marcelo and Rosângela, for the sacrifices that they have made when they decided to leave Brazil and raise their family in a foreign country. He feels he has been very fortunate for the countless opportunities that he has had growing up in Massachusetts. He was never afraid to ask for help and sincerely appreciates all of the support that he has received over the years from amazing people from travel soccer, school, coaches, internships, and mentors in his life.

Cândido urges young Latinos to network and never to be shy to ask others for help to succeed.  He adds that in the process, proactively try your best to get involved and help others when called upon. Cândido is humbled by this recognition and loves the fact that he is receiving this award with his brother, Matheus. He hopes that his mom is proud.

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