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Winner of The TJX Companies Latino 30 under 30 Award


VP of Business Development, PainQx

Age: 24

Heritage: Colombian


Alejandro Zamorano was born in Cali, Colombia. At the age of 5, he and his family moved to Boston where he lived for 2 years. After Boston, Alejandro moved to London for 2 years, Shanghai for 2 years and back to London for 3 years. Throughout his international experiences, Alejandro had the opportunity to travel to 34 countries across 6 continents.


After London Alejandro moved back to Boston; where he graduated high school and went to Bentley University and received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Finance. It was also at Bentley where he met his wife, Molly. After college Alejandro started working at Abpro where he was introduced to the life sciences.


At Abpro Alejandro saw that entrepreneurs in the life sciences found it very difficult to raise money because they did not know which investors would be most interested in their technology.

As a result, Alejandro along with his business partner decided to create Life Science Nation (LSN).


The goal of LSN was to interview every investor in the life sciences, learn about their investment interests, and then build a searchable database with the information. By doing so, entrepreneurs could then search for investors that were a fit for their company’s stage and technological niche.


This made the fundraising process much more efficient and helped hundreds of biotech companies successfully raise funds. At LSN Alejandro saw the company grow from just his partner and him to 22 people specializing in research, sales, marketing, accounting, investment banking, and conference management.


After helping entrepreneurs fundraise for companies, Alejandro successfully realized that there were immense amounts of promising technology waiting on the sidelines that could change the lives of millions of people, and all they needed was an entrepreneur to commercialize them.


As a result, Alejandro left LSN in 2015 and joined PainQx, a company that is developing an objective method to measure pain. Given the opioid epidemic, such technology could save the lives of thousands of people a year by helping physicians avoid the over/under prescription of pain medication.  At PainQx Alejandro is the VP of Business Development and handles all fundraising and partnering opportunities.


As Alejandro continues his career, he hopes to bring to market promising healthcare technologies that make a difference in the lives of patients.


Alejandro is a lifelong learner, rugby player, proud husband and puppy father to his Chow Cooper. 

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