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Transportation Director, Office of Congressman Seth Moulton

Age: 28

Heritage: Brazilian


Notable Awards:


  • Excellence in Political Science Award 2012

  • City Awake Delegate

  • Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award (University of Massachusetts Lowell 2018)

Lucas moved to Lowell, Massachusetts from Curitiba, Brazil at the age of 9. He got his start in politics working for President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in New Hampshire. This experience inspired Lucas to pursue a career in politics. He studied political science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

While in college, Lucas was selected to work on Capitol Hill. This allowed him to advocate for immigration reform and global women’s rights. His efforts were recognized by Brazilian leaders and media. Lucas returned from DC to work on Elizabeth Warren’s congressional campaign.  He eventually went on to work for Don Berwick’s gubernatorial campaign and played a crucial role in Congressman Moulton’s first congressional campaign. He has served alongside Congressman Moulton ever since.

As a District Representative and Immigration Caseworker, Lucas oversaw the immigration casework and outreach to the Latino community, all while serving as Congressman Moulton’s liaison in 19 cities and towns (including 4 of the 5 largest communities in the district). In his role he has been a tireless advocate for the rights of the Latino community.


Moulton promoted Lucas to Transportation Director, where he oversees the Congressman’s transportation portfolio. He leads the NSRL Working Group, which is comprised of leaders from across the commonwealth–including CEOs of major companies and Governors Weld and Dukakis. Santos has effectively navigated the competing interests and opinions of these leaders to keep the project moving forward.


Lucas’ goal is to transform the Commonwealth's commuter rail system to a regional rail system and eventually bring his expertise to improving Latin American countries. He plans on continuing to serve as a mentor and advisor for minority candidates pursuing political office. Lucas’ message to young Latinos is to run for office, get involved, and demand a seat at the table.

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