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Filmmaker and Multimedia Artist
Age: 28

Heritage: Salvadoran-American

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Boston Artist Opportunity Fund, Mayor’s Office of Culture & Arts, 2018

  • Summit Scholar, Forbes Under 30, 2016

  • Artist Residency, Pasillos Pintados, Hurley K-8 School, 2014


Boston native Maria Servellon has her community to thank for the success she has had thus far as a filmmaker and multimedia artist. She has always been motivated by the hardworking and diverse people of Boston that have inspired a lot of her films and artwork. She feels immense pride and fortune to know there’s always a great story at every corner in Boston.

Maria has been professionally working as a filmmaker and multimedia artist in Boston for over 8 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2012. Determined to be an advocate for and guide the next generation of artists, Maria went on to teach art and tech in the Boston, Cambridge, and Lynn public schools.


She served as an active liaison between the schools and Adobe, Google, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Peabody Essex Art Museum.
Inspired by the young local artists she mentored throughout the years, Maria decided to continue her own growth as an artist by pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Media Art at Emerson College.


Maria successfully completed her degree this year with her MFA thesis film, Hyphen - her most successful short film to date. It is told through the eyes of four versions of an artist as she creates her own identity.


The film is written, directed, produced, and even stars Maria. It has garnered social media attention from other Latinos in the industry, including actress America Ferrera, comedian Anjelah Johnson, and blogger Perez Hilton. Maria’s work has exhibited in different art shows, seminars, and film festivals in Boston, and is now expanding to New York, Los Angeles, and other cities worldwide.

According to a USC Annenburg study, only one Latina worked as a director across the 1,000 top films from 2007-2016. Realizing the crucial need to be in front of the camera, behind the camera, and even on gallery walls, Maria has made it her duty to be able to write, direct, and produce films and artwork that puts more Latinas at the forefront.


She believes some of the most impactful stories are often never told and hopes to be able to empower others to be influential storytellers and advocates. Maria hopes to continue traveling to different places to create more films and artwork, bringing her pride in Boston with her always.

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