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Director of Marketing and Operations, Advoqt Technology Group

Founder & CEO, Rocena Real Estate Strategies

Age: 27

Heritage: Dominican


Notable Accomplishments:

  • Chica Project – Mentor of the Year Award

  • Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. – Golden Achievers Award

  • Strong Women, Strong Girls – Above & Beyond Mentor

  • City of Boston City Council – Resolution for Mentorship and Community Service


Pamela Rosario Pérez has been a trouble-maker since birth. Before even reaching first grade she was expelled from two different preschools.


Her grandmother, Maria Decena, refused to treat her strong will as a drawback and instead called her gifted which motivated Pamela to channel her energy into something positive.


Questioning the status quo and disproving misconceptions about Latino immigrants would prove to be hallmarks of Pamela’s character—even if others saw it at “starting trouble.” Her grandmother’s words proved to be a blessing.

Knowing that success would not come easy in a country grappling with racism, Pamela got creative and resolved to dominate every school subject, sport, and challenge that came her way.  Along the way she became the first Latina to ever graduate as the Valedictorian of her high school. Pamela went on to receive her BA in Social and Cognitive Neuroscience and Romance Languages & Culture from Harvard University.


Pamela uses her Afrolatina and immigrant identities to connect with different communities of different cultures and empower them to achieve economic mobility through high-technology jobs and real estate investing.

Today, Pamela is an emerging business leader in the areas of Operational Efficiency, Marketing, and Diversity & Inclusion. Pamela serves as the Director of Marketing and Operations at Advoqt Technology Group.


A creative problem-solver and influencer, her work has inspired community leaders, as well as, executives in the public and private sector to bridge the gap between the high-tech economy and historically marginalized communities through innovative business practices.

Career highlights include successfully managing the campaign to elect Cambridge's first Vice Mayor of Latino descent, creating the operations playbook for a Financial Services start-up, refining HubSpot’s disengaged client initiative, and launching a cybersecurity training program for diverse IT professionals.


Pamela is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Her passion for real estate investing and financial literacy led her to find Rocena Real Estate Strategies, an investment firm that gives back by teaching black and Latino youth how to build wealth through real estate and offers scholarships to young professionals looking to drive change in their communities.


Best expressed in the words of her nominator for this award, “Pamela Rosario Perez is a remarkable force of nature and our community is fortunate to count her as a leader. I’m certain that her impact and light will continue to grow in the years to come.”

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