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Senior Program Manager, World Congress;

Co-Founder, Trinity Health Initiative

Age: 27

Heritage: Puerto Rican and Italian


Notable Accomplishments:

  • D-Prize Award Winner - Given to social entrepreneurs with a promising business plan to bridge a poverty gap.

  • World Congress President's Award

  • Dickinson College Diversity Ally Award


Priscilla Colon was raised in the Bronx NY and is of Puerto Rican descent. She is a social entrepreneur and currently works as the senior program manager in the healthcare and life sciences division at World Congress.

In 2009, Priscilla became a Posse Scholar and received a full-tuition leadership scholarship to attend Dickinson College where she was the recipient of the diversity ally award. She later went on to complete her master’s in Global Health at the University of California San Francisco.


During her studies, she took a specific interest in health system strengthening and maternal health. She completed her capstone project in the rural clinics of Bihar India. Throughout her stay she had the privilege of watching several women give birth but she also witnessed the challenges impacting low-resource settings, watching a baby almost die before her eyes. After these experiences, she was set on taking her studies beyond the classroom and contributing to the solution of the global maternal health challenge.


She later went on to win the D-Prize award, and was the previous co-founder and chief financial officer of the Trinity Health Initiative, a non-profit organization focused on training traditional birth attendants in Nigeria.


Priscilla currently serves as the senior program manager for World Congress. She creates conferences and congresses that bring together key stakeholders to discuss the future of value-based care in the United States.


She most recently created the Patient Congress, a three tracked program that will cover key areas integral to enhancing the patient journey of both small and large patient populations including patient access, engagement, affordability and advocacy. Priscilla loves her career in the health professions and looks forward to continuing her career in global public health and traveling the world.

She wants to make an impact by teaching the principles of social entrepreneurship to youth to help ensure academic success and mold the next generation of leaders to develop innovative solutions to global health challenges.

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