Outreach Coordinator, Office of MA Attorney General Maura Healey

Co-founder, Lazos Al Futuro

Age: 27

Heritage: Dominican


  • Awarded the Pedro Arrupe Service Medal from College of the Holy Cross

  • Awarded the Presidential Service Medal from College of the Holy Cross

  • Served as a member of the Board of Trustee from College of the Holy Cross

  • First Latina president of the Holy Cross Club of Greater Boston

  • Chair of the Scholarship Fund for the Holy Cross Club of Greater Boston

  • Appointed to the City of Cambridge Commission on Immigrant Rights and Citizenship.


Yarlennys is a true advocate and activist when it comes to her community and doing the right thing. In the past year, she has served as a fundraiser planner, consultant, youth leader, board member, and community outreach coordinator. She is currently serving three years as a commissioner for the City of Cambridge Commission on Immigrant Rights and Citizenship.


She has also sat on the Board of Trustees for the College of the Holy Cross in addition to creating her own non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic named Lazos Al Futuro.


She has created various Know Your Rights (KYR) trainings in Spanish for FUNDOARCU, an agency she also serves as a board member for in the City of Boston.


Last year, Yarlennys, was one of the lead organizers who fundraised money for the FUNDOARCU scholarship which for the first time was able to provide five Dominican students with a scholarship for their college expenses.


Additionally, she is currently serving as the first Latina President for the Holy Cross Club of Boston which helps fundraise more than $30,000 dollars in scholarship funds for the college and internships to help Holy Cross students.


For the past three years, Yarlennys has also helped the Ashley Angels Foundation to help kids with cancer in her native country of the Dominican Republic. Last year, the foundation raised more than $25,000 to create an operation room at local Dominican hospital.


She truly believes that every child deserves the best health care especially available, especially in undeveloped countries. As someone who wants to continue her work internationally, she is currently a consultant for the Gosder Cherilus Foundation in which she helps by strategically planning and executing fundraiser initiatives for Haiti.


Throughout her various commitments, Yarlennys continues to further herself and her community and just recently completed her master’s in Public Policy at Suffolk University.

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