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Founder and CEO, PartRunner

Age: 25

Heritage: Mexican


Notable Accomplishments:


  • MassChallenge 2018 Finalist

  • Quake University Pitch Competition Finalist


Yoshua “Yosh” Rozen, 25, is the CEO of PartRunner. Born in El Paso, TX to a Mexican father and an American mother, he moved to Mexico City after birth and remained there until age 19.


He came to Boston to continue his education at Northeastern University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management. During his time in Boston he has also been active in the entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem.

He credits his academic and professional success to the support of his family, friends, and trusted advisors.


“I have always been a calculated risk taker and pursued my goals with passion and determination,” Rozen said.


“My brother and sister have always encouraged, questioned, and supported me throughout my life as well. I am very grateful for the advisors and team members that I have, their guidance and commitment has helped me develop throughout the years,” he added.

Rozen likes to interact with people and understand how processes and systems work alongside each other, which is one of the reasons why he is passionate about what he does. Engineering gave him a very analytical mindset and helps him approach every situation as a new problem to be solved.


He combined his passion in problem solving and logistics with his background in engineering to build his company, PartRunner.

A proud Latino, he credits the Latinx community for giving him a group he can rely on, and a family to work with.


"Entre Latinos nos apoyamos y crecemos juntos,” Rozen said, emphasizing that he is a part of a community that supports each other.


Moreover, he acknowledged the impact that the Northeastern University Latinx Community Center and its staff members had on him throughout his academic career, pointing out that it was instrumental for his personal and professional development. Rozen feels that it’s important to support Latinx innovation and entrepreneurship throughout his life.

As for his future goals, Rozen wants to continue his work, solve problems, and continue learning every single day. In addition, he pointed out that his goal is to have a balanced lifestyle, between his career and personal life.


When asked about his motto in life, he answered, “Stay hungry, stay humble and always give back.”

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